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Moreys Pier: Nowhere in the world is there a boardwalk like the one in this five-mile long island beach resort that stretches for 37 city blocks, from 16th Avenue in North Wildwood to Cresse Avenue in Wildwood .

The boardwalk's fascination as an attraction is found in its high concentration of activities for people of all ages, and its proximity to the beach and ocean helps to set the Moreys Pier and Wildwoods amusement mecca apart from all other seashore resort destinations. It is a sure bet, the boarded walkway is "a must do" or "must see" for almost every visitor to the resort.

Moreys Pier consists of three amusement piers -- Mariner's Landing, Moreys Pier and WildWheels -- with more than 150 rides on Wildwood's boardwalk.

Moreys Pier - Wildwood NJ

Moreys Pier Super thrill rides include the looping, sidewinding Great Nor-Easter; the classic, wooden Great White and The Sea Serpent boomerang coaster. There are tamer rides for smaller children and dark rides for those who just want to sit back and get out of the sun. There are also two Raging Waters waterparks -- at Mariner's Landing and Moreys Pier -- with more than 50 slides and attractions.

Moreys Pier - Wildwood New Jersey

Moreys Pier Vacation Pass is available for $55-$70 (2 days), $74-$102 (three days) and $114-$157 (5 days), depending on height of child.
Ride passports: $25-$37 on weekends, $27-$39 on weekdays.
General admission: All day at both parks $20-$25
Value books: 50 tickets for $35, 75 tickets for $50, 130 tickets for $75, 190 tickets for $100